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Thursday, July 1, 2010

He loves me!

Yesterday, Eclipse happened.

I was super stoked to say the least.

My cousin had sent me my very own bedazzled Team ♥ Edward shirt and I was SO wearing it.

I dragged the man along too, because wether or not he'd like to admit it, he'd read the books, and this one was his favorite!

Ignore the face.  He loved every second of it. Maybe...

Or maybe he was just wondering why, 3 years ago yesterday, he said "I do" to a woman who would have the gall to drag him to a complete chick flick on said anniversary.

Either way, he still loves me :)

Happy Anniversary Mr. Cullen... er I mean Harriot ;)


  1. It was more like 29 years ago your dad said "I Do" to me, and I'm dragging him to see it tonight! Like mother, like daughter :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Glad you had fun. Tony went to see New Moon with me and decided to pass on this one. :) Oh well. Just means I get to go with friends instead.

    And happy 3 years! :)