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Our family consists of Paul/Daddy. He loves his little girls, wife and family more than anything in the world. Velvet (aka MaMa Velvet or Mommy). I'm a photographer and very happy stay at home Mom who can't get enough time with my little ones! Lily (aka Monster or Princess). She's our 12 year old smart, talkative, beautiful young woman who is impressing us everyday! Addison (aka Doo or Addi). She's 8 (almost 9!) artistic, sensitive, lovely young lady who has a quick sense of humor! Scarlett or Bo for short! She's 7, sassy, outgoing, cute as a button and has a passion for a few very select food groups! Finally we have our littlest princess, who has blessed us with her presence until it's time to go home. She's almost 1 and the happiest little baby around! She loves clapping, snuggling, shaking her head no, and laughing at her sisters!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Thanks, But No Thanks!

 Everyone's talking about it.


Alright, so it's not EVERYONE.

It's definitely everyone in MY house though.

Lilyanna is at the school age now that they're talking about it in health.

Not in detail, but she comes home with questions and I of course answer them for her, because who truly wants to be unprepared for all that nonsense?!

Another great thing about having a curious 10 year old ask you about bodies in general is that she doesn't give a flying pigs butt about who's around and who can hear!

So as you can probably guess, Addison and Scarlett are both fully versed on puberty of the female nature now.

Yay for information!


I was on an outting last week with Addison and Scarlett to Marshall's with Aunt Lacey and Audrey.

We happened to lose the Turd Ferguson's down one of the many amazing aisle's there and Addison took the opportunity to tell me in a whisper that she never intends to do that puberty thing.

She's just gonna skip over that.

I had a good chuckle and let her know that she could put in a valiant effort, but that it finds all of us eventually.

Scarlett never picked up on the whisper portion of our body talk moment and started up her very own mantra mid store.


I'm leaving her home next time.