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Our family consists of Paul/Daddy. He loves his little girls, wife and family more than anything in the world. Velvet (aka MaMa Velvet or Mommy). I'm a photographer and very happy stay at home Mom who can't get enough time with my little ones! Lily (aka Monster or Princess). She's our 12 year old smart, talkative, beautiful young woman who is impressing us everyday! Addison (aka Doo or Addi). She's 8 (almost 9!) artistic, sensitive, lovely young lady who has a quick sense of humor! Scarlett or Bo for short! She's 7, sassy, outgoing, cute as a button and has a passion for a few very select food groups! Finally we have our littlest princess, who has blessed us with her presence until it's time to go home. She's almost 1 and the happiest little baby around! She loves clapping, snuggling, shaking her head no, and laughing at her sisters!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Ultimate Cheeser...

For a little girl who demanded to take "absolutely no silly pictures" she sure gave me a lot of serious looks!

I love this little cheeser!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Victory Dessert!

We've got one small step for Addison...

One GIANT leap for 3 months of diaper freedom!

Addison has been doing fan-freaking-tastic with potty training this last couple of days.

Today was the very first day she went ALL DAY without 1 single accident!

We were so proud of her that we took both the girls out for some victory ice cream :)

Congratulations my big little girl!

Daddy, Mommy and Big Sissy are so proud of you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Tushy Diaries...

Guess who's sweet little tush is in big girl panties today?!

That's right!

Addison has started her potty training journey!

So far she's gone through 5 pairs of panties.

I find that acceptable though because every accident has happened IN the bathroom!

She knows when she has to go and where to go to, she just hasn't quite grasped that she's supposed to wait till she's ON the potty!

I'll be secluding myself to home pretty much all of this week to make sure she's got our full attention!

Wish us luck!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Harriot Family Saga...


I am your FATHER!!!

Search yourselves... you know it to be true.

Just another night of epic geekdom at our home :)

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...

Addison has been learning her body parts.

She's got cheeks, head, ears, eyes, nose, chin, neck, toes, butt, body and belly down pat.

The newest and most adorable body part....

The "belly butt".

Heaven forbid she ever learn to say button correctly.

The "belly butt" has grown on me :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneak Peek: Chrismagiving!

Our friends and Family enjoy what we've lovingly deemed "Soup Group" together once a week.

We wanted to be able to share a holiday meal together and decided to put it off till after the actual "Holidays" were over.

This allowed us all to be able to get together in one extremely large gathering and fill our bellies till our hearts were content :)

We're a group that likes to eat good food, and a LOT of it!

For this particular group we ALSO decided to make it a themed "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party.

I'll share more tomorrow when I have time to edit some photos but I wanted to show you...

How my family rocked the sweaters tonight!

More fantastic sweaters coming tomorrow :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hungry in Gresham...

I make sturdy babies.

Addison was born at a healthy 8lbs 13oz and she was a week and a half early.

Lily at the ripe age of 5 weighs 38lbs.

Addison. 31lbs.

I make 'em solid.

With that said, my child is eating us out of house and home.

Daddy was enjoying his very own bowl of cereal this morning when the chunk monster took interest.

Notice the "small" human being creeping slowly into Daddy's personal bubble.

Addison let out a deceivingly cute little "pwease?" and Daddy just couldn't resist sharing 1 bite.


18 obnoxious "pwease?!" later...

Your cereal bowl is empty and your BOTH still hungry.

The only difference is that she's already had her own bowl of cereal, some peaches, 4 handfuls of dog food, tissue paper, and half of Mommy's cereal bowl THIS MORNING.

We'll be accepting food donations from 8am-8pm Sunday through Saturday.

Anything is greatly appreciated, The Harriot Family.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


On the rare occasion that I take the time to do my makeup Addison usually joins me.

I put on my makeup and then use the empty brush to "put makeup" on her as well.

Every time I finish she asks me the same question.


I then tell her that Momma thinks she's very pretty and I sign beautiful as well.

This morning Addison and I were lounging around in our pj's and enjoying each others company.  She had decided to head upstairs to her room for a little play time while I finished up some knitting.

After a couple minutes of silence I got a little concerned.  Usually I can hear her messing around on the baby moniter or jabbering a lot to herself. 

I got up to check on her because silent children are generally being naughty children, or at least that's the way it is in my home.

I got to the top of the stairs and saw this...

Someone was getting ready to go out for her day :)

"Pity Momma?"

Yes sweety pie, I think you're beautiful :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Fact #3,472...

If I could fill my hardrive with pictures of sleeping children (preferrably mine) I would.

Sleeping children (particularly mine) are the most precious thing in the world.

Unconscious children (Thank the Lord when they're mine!) are the best kind of children.

They lay still and pucker those sweet little lips.

The perfect little chubby fingers stay completely still for picture taking.

Wonderful little curls on squishy little faces lay oh so still.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!!

For the last few years we've held a small get together at our place of residence on New Years Eve!

There's nothing like ringing in the new year with people who are near and dear to you!

This year we had a great group of individuals (a few missing due to babies, illness or work), who came over to enjoy cute babies...

Good songs...

and some super snazzy dressing...

Hope your New Years was everything you wanted it to be!

Here's to 2011!