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Our family consists of Paul/Daddy. He loves his little girls, wife and family more than anything in the world. Velvet (aka MaMa Velvet or Mommy). I'm a photographer and very happy stay at home Mom who can't get enough time with my little ones! Lily (aka Monster or Princess). She's our 12 year old smart, talkative, beautiful young woman who is impressing us everyday! Addison (aka Doo or Addi). She's 8 (almost 9!) artistic, sensitive, lovely young lady who has a quick sense of humor! Scarlett or Bo for short! She's 7, sassy, outgoing, cute as a button and has a passion for a few very select food groups! Finally we have our littlest princess, who has blessed us with her presence until it's time to go home. She's almost 1 and the happiest little baby around! She loves clapping, snuggling, shaking her head no, and laughing at her sisters!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lunch Time Manners...

My babies got them!

She only takes one piece at a time.

Chews exceedingly well.

Then quietly swallows and moves onto the next piece with a big grin on her face!

Unlike this one...

who couldn't possibly care less.

Which can be proven here, here, and lest I ever forget here.

Thanks for making MaMa look good Munchkin.

It's appreciated more then you know.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Hobos; Before and After...

Ever since Lily could talk I've told her that I won't let her leave my house looking like a hobo.

Needless to say my two oldest children now refer to themselves as hobos if they've left the house without a bath and a good hair brushing.

Case in point...

Addison told an actual hobo that she was a hobo while at the grocery store.


So to clear matters up just a smidge I present before and after photos of my 'baby hobos'.


Slept in, drooled on, food covered, nose slimed onsie.


Only slightly drooled on onsie.


Snotted on, fro'd out, food covered head.


Curls tamed (for 5 minutes), clean face, slightly snotted on shirt.


Bed Head.

(If this is all I have to deal with I call it a 'kid win'!)


Hair done and clothed!

I shall enjoy the next 5 minutes of this non hobo moment.

Cause there's a child tornado headed this way.

I can feel it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mesh Mash...

Look at my beautiful baby!

Now look at my adorable baby doing one of my favorite things on the face of the planet!




Friday, February 10, 2012


Lily lost her very first tooth last week!

When I asked her to show off her new gap this is what she gave me...

I asked for a little less maniacal showing...

She was happy enough to give me a good smile.

The dollar she got from the toothfairy has also set her on a "loose tooth" hunt.

I've wiggled more sturdy baby teeth this weekend then I could possibly count.

She's a girl on a mission.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

365 Torture.

I'm in California with my Mommy and that Sister that left me in Oregon.

 Here's an update on my 365 Instagram experience...









In case I don't make it home...

Look for these two.

It's probably their fault anyway.