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Monday, October 28, 2013

Cheese and Reality

"Sometimes" the interwebz can be a deceiving space.

Mother after mother after frustrated mother has perused through family blog wondering how in the world other peoples children are such perfect little angels.

How they were always so perfectly dressed, brushed, and food crumb free.

How in the world do these Mom's do EVERYTHING and not become completely insane.

The cold hard truth of the matter is that most of these blogging Mom's pick and choose how they want to represent their family.

I've even heard comments from some of my readers about how adorable and well behaved my kiddos are.

That always amuses me.

I love to present my children in a happy light, looking their best, and showing off their hilarious quirks.

But the cold hard truth is, all 3 of them are monsters.

Well trained and polite monsters, but just like the rest of us, they have their bad days.

Case in point...

Scarlett and her cheese habit.

And yes, I mean habit.

Here she is getting caught trying to sneak some cheese I intended to use for potato soup last week.

She likes to think she can "cute" her way into getting what she wants.

This is after 4 "No"s and an upturned chair.

This is where she chose to drop the cute and go full on tantrum turd.

Do you see that look?

Hank and Mr. Harriot saw it.

Apparently my lack of interest in her hissy fit led her to the conclusion I'd given in.

But Mommy doesn't give in.

(Normally... most of the time...on wednesday's...)

Scarlett is quickly becoming my most stubborn child.

I think her sisters are giving her tips.

She's still cute, and I still love her despite her dairy addiction.

Even if she's made it her life mission to consume all the dairy in our home, come hell or high water.

Probably both if we continue to tell her no.

Crazy little dairy thief.

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