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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest: Crack of the Internet.

Pinterest, oh Pinterest.
How I love thee.
I am a crafty person to begin with.
I love a good YouTube 'How To'.
So when Pinterest came into my life I was (and still continue to be) like a kid in a huge, sparkly, glitter covered, sweets filled, hand made shelves candy shop.
I tend to 'Pin' things that are food related or childrens craft related so when I came across a 'How To Make Your Own Stenciled Plates' I knew it would be something my girls would LOVE.
It was pretty simple really.
I grabbed a couple white plates from the dollar tree and gathered all my different colored sharpies from home.
You preheat your oven and color your plates with the sharpies and then bake them for 30-45 minutes.
Permanent personalized plates that cost you $1 AND kept your monster children quiet and entertained for an entire 1/2 hour!
One entire glorious 1/2 hour.
Sadly the sharpie isn't as permanent as all those pins would like you to believe and rubbed off (or washed off) pretty much immediately after.
Oh well.
We did Salt Dough Christmas ornaments directly after this and they turned out great!
Of course I didn't take pictures of any of that so you get to look at pictures of them coloring plates.
I've heard rumors of ceramic pens working but that they are best used in a location that foods or liquids won't be touching.
Maybe we'll try decorating some coffee cups next time!

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