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Friday, December 30, 2011

Abounding Angels

Our family attended the Christmas Eve service at our church and I was part of the worship team.

The service ran a little differently then usual.

Instead of the worship team doing their "thang" and then exiting the stage for the sermon all of the songs were dispersed throughout the message.

I informed my Papa Pastor that I didn't think my girls would behave very well with only one adult wrangling the monsters.

I may have been discredited though because this did follow me letting everyone know that the line "Holy infant so tender and mild" gave me the distinct impression that jesus was being referred to as a savory steak...

but I digress...

Come service time we made it a full two songs into our worship set before Addison decided that she wanted to be with Mommy.

Imagine if you will, seeing this little beauty...

crawling up a rather large stage to give her mom some fantastic snuggles.

"Awwww!" definitely escaped some mouths.

Pastor Randy did a fantastic job and kept going with the sermon in spite of my show stopping middle.

She snuggled for approximately 30 seconds before she realized that not only was she onstage but that there was an audience.

Paul says she had a fantastic look of shock right before she focused all her energy on glaring at the back of Pastor Randy's head.

She stayed on stage for 1 full song and a small portion of the sermon at which point she decided that the stage (or Mommy) weren't "doing it" for her anymore and needed to exit quickly.

She climbed down from Mommy said her goodbyes and proceeded to literally jump center stage.

Center stage is a good foot lower then the rest of the stage.

She got some air.

Landed with the sound of a small giant.

Face planted.

Then snaked on her belly off the stage.

Everyone in the congregation was sniggering right up until Pastor Randy came back with...

"I guess we have angels abounding too!"

to which everyone laughed out loud.

This kid never ceases to embarass me.

Good thing she's cute.

The little abounding angel.

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