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Friday, October 26, 2012

Shedding a Toddler.

My weight journey had never been difficult as a young woman.
I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and didn't feel too self conscious about the way I looked.
There were definitely things that I didn't enjoy about my body, but as an avid hater of exercise I knew I couldn't complain too much.
If I wasn't willing to put in the effort to "fix" my "flaws" then I figured I should just shut my trap.
So here's my story of weight gain and loss:
Enter boyfriend.
Get comfy, gain 5 lbs.
Boyfriend becomes fiance! Gain 5 lbs.
Fiance becomes amazing husband. Gain 10 lbs.
Get pregnant and immediately gain 10 lbs.
Lose that pregnancy and wallow in pity for 2 months. Never lose 10 lbs.
Get pregnant AGAIN! Yay Addison! Gain 60 more lbs of "baby" weight.
I haven't ever seen no 60 lb baby.
Live in delusion for 1 whole year and eat whatever I want/never work out.
See photo of myself at my sweet Addi-Bo-Baddi's first birthday and literally burst into tears.
Decide to eat healthier and workout!
Lose 16 lbs!
Become too darn sexy and get knocked up again.
Only gain 50 lbs of baby weight...
that's better right?!
Hahaha! Hohoho! Heeheehee.
Have a 9 lb 3oz baby girl.
Wonder were the 40 lb baby I was carrying around went off to.
Make it to Scarletts first birthday at exactly 20 lbs under my heaviest weight!
Be super happy about that.
Over eat to toast my weight loss success!
Gain 10 lbs back in 1 month.
Decide that I'm so not happy with being overweight/lethargic/uncomfortable/not active in my childrens lives!
Kick my butt into gear and workout for realz.
Start eating healthy!
Actually ENJOY both of those things!
Slip up here and there but realize that it's ok to have a "bad" food day as long as I'm taking care of myself the majority of the time I'll feel wonderful!
After months of hard work, put on the smallest pair of pants I own!
Those pants also happen to be the pants that Mr. Harriot proposed to me in.
This post isn't to gloat.
It's to remind me on my off days/weeks/months that I'm completely capable of feeling amazing about my life.
It's to remind me that my babies and husband love me even at my worst and definitely at my best!
That my babies appreciate me when I'm happy and healthy and that I'm able to be involved more with them when I feel good!
It's also an encouragement to all those Mamas out there to know that they aren't the only ones struggling with their self image or their post baby bodies.
Mine is in no way perfect (especially after two large babies!) but feeling healthy makes me happy.
Lets show our little loves how important it is to take care of their bodies!
We only get one so why not take the time and effort to show it some love!
And the horrid before photo...
And the much improved after!


  1. Dude! You hold your weight really well and looked so good even in the before picture! But, I know the feeling of being lethargic/uncomfortable etc. and I haven't even had babies yet. This is inspiring! Congrats Velvet!

  2. I was gonna say the same as Valesha! You don't look that big in the first one, but you do look fantastic now! You're my inspiration to keep going. =]

  3. You got abs!!!! You look beautiful Velvet....Sid actually pointed it out to me at church the other day...."Wow, Milt's daughter has lost weight, she looks great!" I figured its ok....he is 68, he can look. ;-)

  4. Thank you ladies! I actually gain weight pretty evenly over my whole body which is a good thing I guess. The first photo I was a size 14 and the second photo I'm a size 8! I feel much better in general. I think my favorite part of losing the weight was finding my collarbones again! Haha :)

    1. I was going to say, I feel like you'll know when you're thin enough, when you feel good and you can see the definition of your collarbones! Nice collarbonesssss! LOL

    2. Pretty much! A healthy weight for me is between 165 and 170! I've always weighed more then my friends. Apparently I'm just dense or something! The number on the scale always makes me frustrated though so I tend to go by how I look and feel and what clothes I can wear!

  5. This is awesome Velvet! what does your calorie burn look like when you do workout? I usually shoot for 300+. You're also eating clean, right?

    1. Anywhere between 300-600. I try not to leave the gym unless I've burned over 300 for sure though! I've been on the Paleo diet. Cheese was upsetting my stomach and I don't do a lot of carbs anyway so it was super easy! Haha :) Cheese is just sooo delicious sometimes though :)