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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friends at the Zoo

Two weeks ago I packed up the ladies and picked up some friends to head to the zoo for the morning.

It was a great day even though we were out numbered by children.

The kids had a blast and I got to spend the morning with two wonderful women and gossip like old hens.


It happens.

Don't judge.

Most of the photos I got were of the backs of the kids heads.

I was just not as interesting as this sea otter apparently.

We trecked along the normal path which takes us by some HUGE sea lions.

This was about as close as Hayden got.

Two steps closer and she'd squeal and run back to her Mommy.

Addison, on the other hand, may as well have been blowing raspberrys on the glass.

Kid loves herself a sea lion.

Eli couldn't get over how big those darn things are.

Fun fact!

The Orangutangs dislike cameras and will turn around if they see one.

Fun Fact #2!

If you open up your purse and go through it next to the glass they'll come to the window to check out what's going on.

Creeper monkey much?

We parked the kiddos and ate some snacks.

Well, we ate snacks.

Scarlett apparently bathed in them.

While Eli planned out the route.

Addison doesn't liked being photographed while eating.

Scratch that.

Addison doesn't like being photographed anymore.

Too bad so sad for her, Mommy doesn't care.

Then there's Hayden...


Only your mother is allowed to look at me with that face.

Knock it off.

That's it for the pictures.

There was a lot more day after this but I got distracted.


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