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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Self Abuse.

My lovely middle has the uncanny ability to injure herself the day before a pediatrician appointment.




So two weeks ago, right before Scarlett's check up, I wasn't surprised to watch my darling daughter slam her face into a plastic tote.

She's so graceful it's frightening.

She succeeded in giving herself the biggest fat lip I've seen yet.

She also happened to scratch her gums but didn't complain about any pain in her teeth.

Much to my dismay a week and a half later I noticed that her top big tooth was starting to change color.

Exhibit A:

So I called up our dentist and scheduled an appointment to make sure that she hadn't hurt anything too badly.

Today was D-Day and we headed out the door early for a special bribe lunch.

She had already been declaring that she hated the dentist and didn't want fingers in her mouth.

When I asked what she wanted to eat she requested ranch.

Then she changed her request to ranch and salad cause she knows darn good and well that Mama won't feed her ranch all by itself no matter how much she begs.

It's gross.

She still uses the the lettuce as a vehicle for the ranch to get in her face.

At least she's getting SOMETHING else.

This form of transport also keeps her from slurping the ranch directly from the cup.


While we were there I expiremented with my new camera lens!

That's right!

Mama got a new camera and lens!!!

Look at what I can do!

Mommy gets to be in pictures again!

but I digress.

Once we got to the dentist they were absolutely fantastic.

They took all of us on a little tour of the office and showed Addison the toy room.

The girls went crazy while I filled out paperwork and then we headed back to the big dentist chair.

She comandeered some stuffed horsies from the lobby and sat still like a good girl and let Mama take the obligatory 'first time' photos.

Then quickly went into Dora zombie tv mode because the office had a huge flat screen hung on the wall behind my head.

She had some x-rays done to make sure she hadn't done any damage to the root or the tooth underneath.

While they were waiting for the x-rays to be ready one of the assistants had her draw pictures.

She drew lots of "flowers."

It was adorable.

This one...

Spent the entire time strapped to my chest because she's refusing to sit still.

Now that she can take a couple steps there's no restraining her.

Thankfully though she was interested in what was going on.

Exhibit B:

She just didn't want to miss out on the torture they were forcing on Addison!

What else could this be?!

At the end of our appointment we were informed that her tooth is just fine.

She either killed the nerve in it or bruised it.

The dentist says to bring her back in if it starts to give her pain but that the color may go back to normal.

He also says that her top teeth don't have much longer in her head anyway.

That's right.

Our ALMOST 3 year old is already starting the process of losing her front teeth.

This kid just can't do anything slow or gracefully can she?!

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