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Our family consists of Paul/Daddy. He loves his little girls, wife and family more than anything in the world. Velvet (aka MaMa Velvet or Mommy). I'm a photographer and very happy stay at home Mom who can't get enough time with my little ones! Lily (aka Monster or Princess). She's our 12 year old smart, talkative, beautiful young woman who is impressing us everyday! Addison (aka Doo or Addi). She's 9, artistic, sensitive, lovely young lady who has a quick sense of humor! Scarlett or Bo for short! She's 7, sassy, outgoing, cute as a button and has a passion for a few very select food groups! Finally we have our littlest princess, who has blessed us with her presence until it's time to go home. She's 1 and the happiest little baby around! She loves clapping, snuggling, shaking her head no, and laughing at her sisters! She's incredibly smart and uses sign language to communicate most of her needs until she learns to use her big girl words. We are loving on her with every ounce of our being!

Friday, May 22, 2015

She's Famous Now

Lily has been practicing for her big line in her 3rd grade spring musical for weeks now.

Last night, right before the show, she said...

"I always knew I was going to be famous some day, I just didn't think it would be this soon!"

She played the part of the Crabby Cabbage Queen and she ROCKED IT.

I may be a bit biased, but I'm pretty sure she's the best thing on stage ever.

Scarlett snuck in a few photos too.

Then we headed to the school early for yet another photo opp and to secure us some front row seats for her big performance!

Her cousin Parker was also in the show, he's the farmer in the back with the carharrt overalls and the super studly posing. 

When it came time for Lily's line she delivered it loud and clear!

Then quickly moved center stage and smiled big till everyone else was finished with their lines.

We are oh so proud of her, and can't wait to see her onstage again!

I think she really enjoyed her first taste of stardom!

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