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Friday, May 16, 2014

Those Little Boys

One of my best friends welcomed little Mr. Thomas to the world last Friday evening and he is too stinking perfect!

He looks so much like his big sister, except her cheeks had a little more cushion to smooch on!

But he definitely nailed the apprehensive "what the heck are you lady?!" stare.

In the short time we visited Saturday afternoon I had to remind myself multiple times that I DIDN'T want to have another baby.

My crazy baby hormones were screaming differently.

I mean, COME ON! How could I not want 18 more babies after snuggling this precious little boy!?

I relented and handed him over to my one of my other bestests so I could take 1,000 photos of all of his preciousness!

The same thing I did for this sweet little man not so long ago!

He's spunky like his Mama!

I am so so SO happy for your family Anne & Jesse!

It's been  a long journey but I remember that feeling of having my family be complete and there's nothing like it in the world.

I'm positive the wait for this moment was so worth it.

 Then there's my husband.

Yup, he's the creeper in the background itching to get the attention of the rowdy little boy in the hospital room that he CAN throw around.


You gotta knock this crap off.

My uterus can't take all of this adorable.

Also, I'm not sorry for saying uterus this time.

The baby fever is real.

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