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Friday, July 12, 2013

Monster Quotes Round 2

It has been one whole year and a half since I've posted a quotes blog!
So here comes some of my favorite Lily Monster quotes!
(Stolen from my Facebook pages)
Upon meeting our brand new neighbor...

 "It's nice to meet you. My name is Lilyanna. Everyone calls me Lily though. Or Monster Lily. Addison says she's going to call you Big Mama cause you're black like big Mama on my cartoons!"
Lily: My sisters just want to copy everything I do all the time.

Me: You just have to stop being so cool.

Lily: I can't help that.
Lily: I'm in a magical time machine!

Me: Get out of the porta potty Lily.
I can't even help it! He walked into my class and I was like... Woah. Then I gave him those googly eyes. -Lilyanna aka flirt master
When I chase boys I take my sweater off. It gives me freer movement and makes me faster. -Lilyanna
Lily: How do I earn my toy back Dad?

Dad: You must retrieve a single tear drop from Chuck Norris.
Lily: Mama Velvet, I'm gonna draw a mirror on this chalkboard and you're gonna write who's the fairest of them all. You get to pick one. Me, Addison or Scarlett.

Mama Velvet: Lily, I'm not going to pick who I think is prettiest because it's impossible. I think all of you are beautiful!

Lily: That's ok. We all know it's me anyway.
MaMa Velvet: Lily, will you please buckle your sister.

Lily: Okay. It's only because she's so cute and pretty though.
Lily: Do you think Santa will bring me presents this year?

Mama Velvet: Well, have you been good this year?

Lily: Not really... I've got some time to turn it around though! That and my grandparents will get me presents because they love me anyway!
This kid slays me constantly.

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