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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public Humiliation #1,248

In case you missed it this is the second post in which my lovely daughter will embarrass the crap out of me.

Go ahead.

Click the link and catch up on the humiliation.

I'll wait.

Now wipe the tears from your eyes and calm the laughing cause she's done it again.

While camping this weekend she declared that she needed to take her 80th bathroom trip in 2 hours.

Paul quickly declared "not it" because he'd taken her the previous 8 times already.

I begrudgingly picked my cold butt up and shuffled her off to the bathroom for what I hoped would be the last time that night.

When we arrived all the stalls were full and we had to wait.

Addison immediately started yanking on my sweater and trying to get my attention.

When I didn't answer in .00008 seconds she screamed at the top of her longs while straight arm pointing at the lady 3 feet away from us.


I mustered up as much maturity as my 26 year old concious could and hurridly whispered...

"You have a big butt. Shut your trap."

Mom of the year right here.


To give her credit, I could have sat my drink on that ladies butt.

Socially speaking though, she needed to be aware that her screaming it out, 3 feet away from her, was completely unacceptable and embarassing to Mommy.

"Shut your mouth or I'll sow it closed. I'm not even joking right now."

At this point in my daughter and I's conversation, 'Ol big butt turned around and quickly told me that little children just tended to tell the truth and that it was completely ok.

I apologized as much as I could in a 2 second time span but was of course interrupted by God's little bundle of joy and tiny bladder.

"See Mom, I told you it was huge."

I'm never taking her to a public restroom again.

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  1. Love it.. thanks for Sharing and making me laugh out loud!!