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Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Many Ways...

We packed up last Friday and headed off for a fun family vacation down to California!

The drive is around 10 hours long if you drive straight through with no stops.

With three small children, that was NOT going to be a possibilty for us, so we planned on at least 12 hours of "car time".

That being said I had a small discussion with the girls about how I'd duct tape there mouths shut if I heard the question "Are we there yet?"

What can I say?

I'm a fantastic Mother.

Daddy set up the portable DVD so the the girls could watch some movies during the trip.

The girls took the obligatory 'beginning of our vacation' trip for me.

Then we turned on some Backyardigans and enjoyed all 90 minutes of child silence bliss.

Except for this one of course.

She had things to say and a van full of people to say them to!

About 4 hours in Addison took a nap and we stopped at Rice Hill for some ice cream!

No pictures of the ice cream were taken.

Mommy got ice cream too and you just can't interrupt that for anything.

Silly faces ensued after a while and this was by far the best one.

The girls did fantastic overall and the girls never uttered 'Are we there yet?'.

"Is it dark yet?", "How far away are we?", "When will we be there?", "Why is this drive so long?", "Mama, I stuck.", "When can we get out of the van?" and "We should just fly back." were definitely said more than once though.

I guess I can't win all the time.

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  1. How cute! My family ALWAYS stops in Rice Hill for ice cream!